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“When I found that I could get many of the benefits of acupuncture – which punctures the skin with needles – by using a laser, without having the downside of having my skin punctured, I decided to give it a try. I found and ordered one. My results have been phenomenal. I’ve been doing acupressure and reflexology for more than 35 years and have always been able to get positive results. But the change in results, after starting to use the laser, has been more than I could have ever dreamed. My prostate, knee and back results have taken me back 10 years or more. I feel like a much younger man and have helped a number of my friends and family to look and feel better. I follow the points that I know and the point finder on your site to know where to use the laser for best results. Keep up the good work, your prices are reasonable and the lasers are great.”


“The laser therapy has been a tremendous healing addition to my practice and for our family’s personal use. It is wonderful in pain relief that is quick with green laser and lasting relief for triggering the body’s own healing response with the red. It has helped with countless health issues in muscular and skeletal. The pain relief in the body is immediate and lasting as we combine them together. I use them in energy flow and massage as well. I love to refer these power tools to anyone.”

-Bever J. Canfield, ND

“Hi, i have been using your 635 nm red laser to orally laser my upper gum area where my crohn’s disease started 20 years ago. It’s been about 2 months now.

So far the results are amazing and my small intestine which was the problem is doing much better and even some of my anal fistuals are starting to shrink a bit. All from lasering at point in my mouth on my gums where the disease first started.

I want to purchase another laser from you. I am torn between the two remaining lasers the 450nm blue laser or the 532 nm green laser. Since the the treatment is for healing a wound that would never heel over the years in the front gums above the two front teeth. The wound may be not granulating to heal and may have some infection due to the gums were over heated during a dental procedute which caused all this. So besides tissue regeneration I am looking at trying to remove the heat stuck in my gum wound so it can heal.
 Based on this Which Laser should I purchase the 450nm blue or the 532nm green?I hope whoever gets this has the knowledge to make this call cause you’ve helped my life more than any other treatment or doctor.
Thank you for your help and making a great LLT laser.”

Last year i bought the doctors triple pack and i love them, they are wonderful.
I´m a medical doctor and i have a masters degree in acupuncture for a long time i was looking for the perfect laser and that happened when i found you, i´m very grateful for this tool it has changed my whole practice.
I´m worried because the green Laser beam is not stable.
Also here in Colombia the board of health ask us to have all the equipment check once a year so what can i do with my lasers. I wont go to US until May and i want to buy a few things can you mail them to Colombia?
I also wanted to ask if there is any chance i can sell your products here in Colombia. 
thank you very much”  

“For some time i was interested by acupuncture. Medical doctors say that they must not harm, but they don’t have always harmful tools for healing.
I am not a acupuncture specialist, and my experience didn’t show good result from acupuncture doctors either.
I have several problems, one being severe pain from SCI ( spinal cord injury ) .
I decided to try , it could not be worst than my present state anyway.
I bought it and try it : I found out that that spot hurting me were also around acupuncture point, so I treated them with teh red laser beam for
around 1 to 2 mn …… and it works ….”

“I have been using the laser lift systems for almost a year and have so appreciated the journey they have taken me on. Not as a medical person but someone who studies natural healing i felt comfortable using these immediately with the information provided on their web site plus a few books on using light on the acupuncture points. Been amazed how effective they are on sinus congestion headaches muscle pain and injury. I applied red and green on a friend bruise and we both watched the dark bruise lightened within minutes. I had an infected tooth and the laser with the dental attachment took the pain away quickly and helped to heal the gum area. I also used a clay pack with goldenseal. The kit includes great tips to use to keep it sanitary and i purchased their fiber optic cable that allowed for a more intense application on the points as well as safe blood irradiation. My experience with the products have been rewarding and continue to expand with each use. Add to this they quickly answered any question i had via email and provided excellent customer service.”